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Not only do we specialize in racking services, but we truly cover the full potential range of needs and wants within this whole sector; no matter how big or small your company is or your wants are, we can taylor a solution that's right for you.. We're never too busy to chat and to truly whittle down what it is you need, to ensure you get the job done properly

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Pallet Racking Melbourne - Scroll down for unbeatable pricing

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 Pallet racking is the main storage solution for many warehouses.

Because of its versatility and the range of custom options available, selective pallet racking located in Melbourne is well suited to a variety of storage environments, ranging from small facilities to large warehouses.

Whether you need straight forward pallet racking, or a more complex system, we will have a reliable, cost conscious, high-quality solution for you and your business.Selective Pallet Racking

Pros of Selective Pallet Racking:

  • Ease of access to each pallet.
  • Compatible with most forklifts.
  • Adjustable shelves to allow for height customization.
  • Very easy to assemble; clip-in beams and safety locks.
  • Can be 'side by side' or 'back to back'.
  • Easy to relocate and reconfigure.

We keep many sizes of beams and frames in stock and assembled. Shipment time is usually two days or less. Most of the time small orders can be shipped on the same day.

Our pallet racking is certified, not just complies, to Australia's most recent steel and safety standard AS4084-2012.  This is can be very important to your business for safety and insurance purposes.



Pallet Racking Frames
(height x width in mm)

Frames hold 9000KG per side with a unform load and bottom beam no higher than 1800mm

(Inc. GST)
*Price per assembled frame with base plates*
2438 x 838 $100.00
2743 x 838 $110.00
3048 x 838 $120.00
3658 x 838 $130.00
4267 x 838 $140.00
4877 x 838 $150.00
5791 x 838 $165.00
6096 x 838 $180.00



Pallet Racking Beams
(l x w in mm & load rating)
(Inc. GST)
*Price per beam- Weights are for Uniformally Distributed Loads per level
1372 x 60   (1300 KG UDL) $30.00
1524 x 60   (1000 KG UDL) $33.00
1829 x 60   (700 KG UDL) $35.00
2591 x 80    (1400KG UDL) $44.00
2591 x 100  (2300KG UDL) $50.00
2591 x 120  (3100KG UDL) $55.00
2743 x 100  (2100KG UDL) $55.00
3048 x 120  (2000KG UDL) $66.00
3810 x 140  (2000KG UDL) $88.00