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Not only do we specialize in racking services, but we truly cover the full potential range of needs and wants within this whole sector; no matter how big or small your company is or your wants are, we can taylor a solution that's right for you.. We're never too busy to chat and to truly whittle down what it is you need, to ensure you get the job done properly

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Drive In Racking

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Drive in Pallet Racking in Melbourne, VictoriaReadyrack's drive in is certified by Australian engineers making us one of the few compnaies in Australia to go this far.


Drive in Pallet Racking is ideal for stocking many products. It can reduce overall Sq. footage requiremets by 35% or more compared to standard selective racking. It is widely used in cold storage and food industries.If you are storing large volumes of goods, we offer a Drive In Racking system that can free up existing floor space. Our Drive In Racking system create efficiency by decreasing aisle loading & unloading times, yet allowing greater access in comparison to block stacking.

Drive in racking has several important characteristics Including:

  • -Reduces space, cuts costs and hold more loads with its deep lane storage
  • -High volume-low SKU. Eliminates the need for multiple forklift aisles
  • -With roll formed drive in racks, products are stored several pallet deep and the fork lift enters the lanes to retrieve or store pallets

ReadyRack can supply and install high quality drive in racking . Contact us for an on site appraisal and quote.  

Drive in Racking Faqs:

Q: What is drive in racking system?

A: Drive-in racking is the racking framework where the pallets are put so that they can slide in reverse on a rail, in this way putting away them all the more deeply and making more space in the warehouse.

Q: How can I know the permitted weight in drive in racking?

A: ReadyRack drive in racking is designed to take specific load, in case of non-availability of these, please confirm the weight with ReadyRack.

Q: Is racking inspection a legal requirement?

A:  No, it isn't. it is advised to get your racks examined routinely for safe and better warehouse operations.


Drive in Pallet Racking