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  • 12 Jul

    What Benefits Longspan Shelving Brings To Retail Operations

    Longspan shelving is also termed as storage shelving, heavy duty shelving, warehouse shelving and several other variations. Longspan by definition means spanning a great distance. In the storage industry, it refers to shelving systems that span a great length or have the ability to be extended to great lengths. They’re usually made from steel, are strong & can hold heavy loads. Longspan shelving is quite versatile & due to this reason, they’re employed for both residential & commercial purposes.

    For retailers that don’t have the floor space or fund to install a pallet racking
    system, longspan shelving is a sensible option. Here are some of the major advantages that long span shelving brings to retail operations.

    They are lightweight yet durable:

    Longspan shelvings are made of tensile, 24-hour gauge steel, making it strong but light in weight. That means a long-span shelve can be moved around the warehouse without compromising its strength & durability. For your knowledge, longspan shelves can usually hold up to nearly 600 kilograms per shelf.

    They can be adjusted easily:

    It is easy to adjust a longspan shelve which is a very useful feature for retail stores that are limited in terms of size. Most of the longspan shelves are made from rivets & pins rather than nuts and bolts, letting users to customize them relying on the exact needs. Also, the future-proof designs make the shelves simple to reassemble, meaning there is no need to alter too much with the default settings.

    Long Span Shelving

    Because of the adjustable nature, long span shelving units can hold numerous kinds of products & goods of different weights and sizes. By tuning the shelf, retailers can keep bulky & heavy duty stuff or organize their goods more proficiently.

    They’re compatible with different kinds of equipment:

    Longspan shelving units can work with different kinds of storage systems, such as freight lifts or vertical reciprocating conveyors. Also, you can use pierced steel panels or wooden walkways, relying on your needs. They can be integrated easily into your present to let you transport your goods effortlessly. You can even assimilate long span shelving units into pallet racking systems for order picking if the need arise.

    Find rock-solid, durable long span shelving in Melbourne at ReadyRack only. Whether your business is a small, one-branch warehouse or a large national retail chain, you can depend on us to get top-quality longspan shelving solutions at a competitive price. To order now or for a quote: Call (1300 307 229) or email (info@readyrack.net.au).